Monday, February 7, 2011

Victor Bravo, Flamenco Artist in Spain - Interview by Meg Pier

Snobby Tours®' friend and professional travel writer, Meg Pier, has published a series of articles and interviews from Spain -- one of our upcoming International heritage and cultural tour destinations. 

We were particularly engaged by her interview with Victor Bravo, Dance Director of the Museum of Flamenco Dance in Seville, Spain.  

Flamenco's roots come from the Andalucian region of Spain, where Gypsies, Jews and other non-Catholics fled during the Spanish Inquisition to live in hiding and in fear of death. As an outlet for their feelings and emotions, they created the music of lamentation and the dances of passion from which Flamenco is derived. 

Meg quotes the esteemed Spanish writer, Lorca, in describing Flamenco:

"Let not the intellectuals tire themselves out searching for it in the old trunks of erudition,
because flamenco is something alive with its feet buried in the hot mud of the street
and its head in the cool fleece of the driven clouds.”
Federico García Lorca1898 – 1936

Bravo shares his thoughts and observations with Meg about the part which Flamenco has played in Andalucian history and culture, and about his own personal journey expressed through his lifetime of Flamenco study and dance.

To read Meg's complete article and interview which is published in "View from the Pier", link on the following: Victor Bravo/Flamenco Artist

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