Friday, April 22, 2011

Accommodating Disabled and "Special Needs" Travelers -- Snobby Tours®' ongoing commitment

Snobby Tours®, Inc. and Americana Heritage Tours by Snobby Tours®, Inc.™  was recently contacted by a wonderful group called Australia For All Alliance, Inc., asking us whether our custom heritage and cultural tours are suitable for disabled persons in wheelchairs.

Australia For All Alliance, Inc. is a non-funded, not-for-profit entity composed of  people with disabilities and their caregivers. 

We were thrilled to have been contacted by them -- and were even more pleased to tell them that ever since our inception almost 10 years ago, it has been a priority with us that our tours are accessible to everyone -- and including travelers with mobility issues and visual- and/or hearing-impairment.

Snobby Tours®, Inc. and Americana Heritage Tours by Snobby Tours®, Inc.™, have made it an ongoing practice to book our tours into hotels which have accessible accommodations -- especially heritage hotels which have re-done rooms to make them accessible for the disabled who have mobility issues, vision impairment and/or hearing loss.

Additionally, we require that our travelers let us know in advance of departure date if they have any "special needs" -- from food allergies to mobility issues -- so that we can in advance plan accordingly -- from our selection of menus for included meals to the land transportation/vehicles which we charter for sightseeing.

As "custom itinerary providers", Snobby Tours®, Inc. and Americana Heritage Tours by Snobby Tours®, Inc.™ have complete control over ALL of the touring elements in the tours which we create -- thereby ensuring that we provide personalized attention to details and superlative customer service.

Therefore, we do NOT offer "pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all travel" which has been designed for the masses, and therefore is more impersonal, not taking into consideration "special needs". 

We are pleased to share Australia For All Alliance, Inc.'s Website with you,, which plays such an important role for travelers with physical, visual and hearing impairments. 

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