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HERITAGE TOUR SPOTLIGHT: "Presidential Libraries and Fall Foliage of the Midwest"©

Lately, many USA-based travelers have been re-thinking their annual travel plans and becoming increasing "budget-conscious".

We are listening to our travelers and hearing that they want a LOT of bang for their buck -- now more than ever.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
Reprinted with permission
Our "Presidential Libraries and Fall Foliage of the Midwest"© fits the bill perfectly -- a custom-designed road trip priced "ALL-INCLUSIVE" of all lodging, all land transportation, all meals every day, all venue admissions, all specialty tours and docent tour guides, and all taxes/fuel surcharges/gratuities.

Fall Foliage
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It doesn't get any better than that -- PLUS visiting some historically-significant destinations in the US Midwest at the height of Fall Foliage in the Ozarks!

Presidential Libraries were the inspiration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt who had inventoried the vast quantities of papers and documents he had his staff had accumulated.  (Up to that time, many Presidential papers were simply lost, destroyed or ruined by poor storage conditions.)

Roosevelt's solution was to establish a repository to preserve the evidence of a Presidency for future generations.  Beginning a tradition which continues to the present day, Roosevelt raised funds for the first facility from private resources, and then designated its operation by the US government through the National Archives.

This Tour will immerse travelers in America's astounding beauty and rich heritage.  Additional stops en route include the Hallmark Visitors Center, the WWI Museum, the Churchill Museum on the campus of Westminster College and the Church of St. Mary the Virgin of Aldermanbury (a 12th century church designed by Christopher Wren reconstructed at Westminster College following bomb-damage during WWII's London blitz.)  

Travelers will also experience Kansas City's world-renown Bar-B-Q, and an iconic 1950's Diner along the "first leg" of the famous Route 66

Stock photo of Biograph Theatre
where gangster
John Dillinger was killed.

Routed through Chicago, this memorable Road Trip also offers travelers a "post-Tour option" to remain in Chicago to take in a Broadway play and to visit some of Chicago's famous -- and infamous -- locales. 

Fall is the PERFECT time to be there, too! The weather is generally crisp and brisk -- perfect for strolling, sitting in a sidewalk cafe, and visiting outdoor attractions.

Chicago has always been a personal favourite of Snobby Tours® because we think it has "East Coast sophistication" coupled with "Midwest friendliness" -- PLUS truly FABULOUS architecture and outstanding restaurants often in the heart of Chicago's many well-established ethnic neighborhoods.

For further details, a complete Itinerary, and pricing, visit Snobby Tours®' Website at:

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